Gas bloating pain

There are several causes of gas bloating pain that a person can experience. Most of these are benign and require no treatment. Stomach bloating and gas can be a normal response to a large meal but in some cases it can occur when there is a more serious problem occurring in the body. Knowing how to differentiate the causes and treatments for upper and lower abdominal pain that can happen from gas is helpful in order to prevent excess symptoms and allow people to return to their normal lives with minimal discomfort.

The most common symptoms from bloated gas is a fullness in the abdomen. The belly can feel tight and a person tends to feel very full. Usually the person has lost their appetite and no longer wants to eat any more. The usual feeling of bloating tends to happen after eating a large meal. When a person ingests a quantity of food that is greater than normal, a number of processes occur in the stomach and abdomen that leads to gas production and and increased distention as the amount of food increases. This stomach enlargement stimulates stretch receptors in the stomach to become activated and signal that the stomach is completely full. The excess pressure in the stomach can lead to a sensation of nausea. Some people can even experience vomiting because of bloated gas that affects their internal organs.

During other periods of time, gas stomach bloating is a sign of problems with digestion. If a person cannot digest their food properly, stomach bloating and gas can occur as the bacteria in the gut start to eat the food. we all have bacteria that live in our intestine and colon. When undigested food enters these portions of the digestive tract, the bacteria can consume what has not been absorbed and the result of this process is gas stomach bloating and a feeling of fullness throughout the belly. If worse symptoms occur or a patient has a fever or abnormal vital signs, medical attention should be sought.

For most people, the symptoms are not too troublesome that they are able to deal with the pain and fullness and go back to their lives without interventions. Other people feel better if they have vomited or if they take medications such as antacids. Other benefit from having a bowel movement, which can encourage digestion. Regardless of the solution, gas bloating pain can be uncomfortable and people should try to effectively manage their symptoms in order to prevent adverse outcomes.